Our Fab Story

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Amina’s Pouch was founded in 2017 when its creator discovered that she simply lacked the means to discreetly hide her sex toys. The second drawer of her nightstand was an adult toy treasure chest that had to quickly be hidden whenever younger family members visited.

Hide and seek took on a new meaning when vibrators had to be hidden in a panty drawer, dildos were placed back in their original packaging and thrown on top of the closet, and anal beads were stuffed under the mattress.

One night while lying in bed, she browsed the net for something cute and accommodating to put her sex toys in but was unimpressed with the makeup bags and drawstring velvet pouches for her pleasure pieces. She didn’t want a regular bag; she wanted THE BAG! So, she sketched out a concept, called up a friend and asked her to make it. At the encouragement of her friend whom declined to make the bag, the business idea was birthed. 

Meet Amina